Straightening Teeth

Modern dentistry includes a wide variety of techniques and appliances to safely move teeth to improve the bite, and improve the appearance of the smile.

We at Valley Dental Clinic can straighten teeth, close spaces, and solve a host of other problems using braces; with traditional bands, brackets, and wires, and also with Clear Braces that are not visible.

We can apply the knowledge and technical skills we have to help young and old alike improve appearance and function.

Often with young children we can identify unfavorable growth patterns, and tooth mal-alignment and correct those situations with removable appliances, such as functional appliances, cross bite correction expansion appliances, and many others.

Dr. Levin has 25 years of experience and continuing education in this area.

Our primary goal is to provide all our services in a warm welcoming and caring environment, with friendly, respectful treatment.

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